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We have finished our unit on rocks and minerals.  All of you have learned so much!  At the beginning of our unit you wrote down what you knew about rocks.  Please comment on this post in our “I used to think…  Now I know…” paragraphs about rocks.  I am so excited for all of you to see how much you have learned!

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  1. I used to think rocks were boring and not fun to study.Next, when i learned about rocks like Igneous,Metamorphic, and Setimentry and i thought there were very cool.It’s fun to learn about all there minerals.I also hope we learn even more about rocks and do projects on all different kinds of rocks and minerals.Igneous rocks come from Magma and Valcanos.Setimentry come from layers of all kinds of rocks.Also Metamorphic rocks come from Heat and Pressure. That’s what i learned aout Metamorphic rocks Igneous and Setimentry rocks. I HOPE WE HAVE MORE LOTS OF FUNE WITH ROCKS AND MINERALS!!

  2. I used to think rocks were so boring and I thought they just apeared. One time I
    had to do a big report on rocks,I really thought it was boring. So I just wrote my
    basic stuff. Like they were just plain and dull. Now I think there interesting. So now I listen to what Ms.Ludu says, then just not paying attention. Now if I had to do a big report again I would write, did you know that igneous rocks come from magma. And magma comes from a volcano. And metomorphic rocks comes from pressure and heat. And it can change into other rocks. Sedimentary rocks forms by layers usaully by the ocean.

  3. I used to think rocks just fell from the sky one hundred thousand years ago.Now I know how rocks get made, they get made by other thing that are around time my grandma went on a trip and found a really cool rock it was a from a volcano the rocks that are found from a volcano are called extrusive, the ones inside of the volcano are called intrusive. Extrusive rocks cool quickly and intrusive rocks cool really slow.My granma has many different rocks and she has some Crystals too.


  4. I used to think that rock were boring.But then I seen all the other rocks and they are differnt.Ther are rocks called igneous rocks are cool they come from a volcano’s magma. They have granite rocks that is igneous rock and a gabbro rocks that is a igneos rock. There are sedimentary rocks has layers. The rocks are called limestone and sandstone is the one that has layers. Limestones have shells,little rocks. Metamorphic rocks come from heat and pressre they get heat and pressre from temperture squeezes rocks inside the erath. And thats what I lerned about rocks.

  5. I used to think that rock were only good for throwing into lakes now I know that rocks are realy cool. I didn’t know that there were diffrent rocks that were called Igneous rocks there’s another name for Igneous rocks it’s called Intrusive rocks.Ther’s a rock that is obsidian it cool slowly on the ground .Know i know that there are rocks like sedimentry rocks,conglomerate rocks,sandstone rocks,andmetamorphic rocks

  6. I used to think rocks were boring. That was because I didn’t know much about them. I only knew rocks and minerals are hard, they have different colors, they have different shapes and sizes, different weights, they could be sparkly or dull, there are many different kinds of rocks and minerals,they had many different designs, and that they came from earth. I still knew quite a lot, but I learned a LOT more. I learned that there are three different kinds of rocks, igneous,sedimentary, and metamorphic rock. Igneous rocks come from volcanoes. When rocks cool from inside the volcanoe, they get more crystals, and sparkles. If they cool outside the volcanoe, then they don’t have that much sparkle and cystals, because they cool a lot quicker. Sedimentary rocks are a bunch of rocks that are pushed together with pressure, and also, some weathering. Sedimentary rocks have lots of layers. Metamorphic rocks are a bunch of rocks that are squeezed together with heat and pressure, and also some weathering.That is pretty much the rock cycle. Rocks are really cool. All you have to do to make them cool, is study like me and learn a lot about them, then the rocks will seem really cool. So find a rock a study it, find more about. Also, never forget,ROCKS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. What I use to think of rocks were they were only plain and boring and made with different. But now I think of rocks so colorful and learned more rocks! My favorite rock is granite because it is shiny. There are many rocks like igneous,metamorphic,and sedimentary rocks.One of the rocks I had heard was called a conglomerate rock which is made out of litteler rocks.

  8. I used to think rocks were hard and it hurts. Now in fouth grade i learned about Rocks. There all kinds of rocks like Metamorphic Rock also Sedimentary Rocks
    and Limestone. Also Igneous Rocks. A Sedimentary Rock is a type of rock that forms when sedimentary are pressed together in layers. Also Igneous rock is a rock because they cool so quickly, crystals do not have a chance to form or they form very small crystals. Another rock is Extrustive Rocks is formed above the surface of the earth of externally cool very slowly. Large crystals have a chance to form. Also Limestone is uselly white forms on the bottlems of oceans of ten contains fossils, shellsor.

  9. There hard and they have different colors.Extrusive rocks are glassy and extremely fast at the surface. Limestone often contains fossils, shells, or bones. Sandstone is a piece of sand and layers.Conglomerate are formed from larger rocks lumped together.

  10. Threre hard and they have different colors.Extrusive rocks are glassy and extremely fast at the surface.Limestone usually while forms on the bottom of the ocean often contains fossils, shels or bones.Sandstone is a piece of sand and layers.conglongmerate are formed from larger rocks lumped together.

  11. I used to think that rocks were boring. Turns out they are pretty cool once you learn a lot more about them. When my teacher Ms.Ludu started teaching about rocks I learned a lot more and now I think rocks are awsome. I also Learned 3 different types of rocks. Like igneos and ingneos is rock formed from magma. There is also Metemorphic that is formed from heat and pressure. And finally, last, but least there is sedimentry rock which is a rock with layers. Rocks are super cool!

  12. What I use to think about rocks.Was that they were boring. Also I knew was they came in different sizes. I thought they loke fake. Also some have crystals. Know I know that there are Intrusive Rocks and Extruisive Rocks. Also know I know that Sedmentry Rocks have fossils and prints.:)

  13. I used to think that rocks were boring and they all were the same.So I didn’t study them but now I know that there are three different rocks which are Sedemintary,Medamorfic,and Igneos rocks.Sedimintary rocks are rocks that are pressed and formed in layers. They are formed in layers by mud and dirt squezed together over lots of years.Another kind is Medamorfic rocks are rocks that are made by heat and presher.the Last rock is the Igneos rock this rock is made by magma that hardens.So that is everything I learned and now ROCKS ARE FUN TO LEARN ABOUT!!!!

  14. I thought that rocks are boring. The rocks are igneous, megma, sedimentary, extrusive, intrusive, and rholite. Now I lnow some rocks we learned about are made by heat and preasure, layers. I know rocks can be intrusive or extrusive. I learned about the rock cycle. I also learned that minerals have properties like color, streak, luster, hardness, magnetism, and fizz. Thats what I learned all about rocks and minerals.

  15. I use to think rocks were boring. I knew that rocks are different colors and that they are different shape. I also knew that rocks were shiny, smooth, and sharp. I use to think rocks came from the ground. Now I know that there are three kinds of rocks.These are Igneous, Setimentry, and Metamorphic. Igneous rocks comes from volcanoes. There are two kinds of Igneous rocks.These two are extrusive and intrusive. Extrusive rocks cool fast and barely have any crystals. Intrusive rocks cool slow and have alot of crystals.The second rock is Setimentry rocks. The Setimentry rocks is a kind of rock that comes in layers. There are three kinds of Setimentry rocks. These 3 rocks are Sandstone, Limestone, and Conglomerate rocks. Sandstone is a rock that are pieces of sand cemented together in layers. Limestone has alot of fossils in it. Things like fish bones and little rocks. Also Conglomerate rocks is formed from larger rocks.There are different kind of rocks. There are alot of layers in it. Metamorphic rocks are stuck together but heat and pressure. That is how I know about the rock cycle. Igneous and Setimentry rocks can form into metamorphic rocks by heat and pressure. Igneous and Metamorphic rocks can form into Setimentry rocks by weathering. Metamorphic and Setimentry rocks can turn into Igneous rocks if they fall into a volcano. Rocks can be formed from different ways like being in a volcano or sea. Now I think rocks and minerals are cool. I really liked the rock unit. I have learned alot of things about rocks this unit. These are the things I learned in the rocks and minerals unit.

  16. I used to think that rocks were solids.Now I now that there are three types of rocks.Like Igneous,sedmentary,and medamorfic rocks.Igneous rocks come from a volcanos like intrusive and extrusive.Intrusive rocks form below the surface of the earth or “in” the earth.extrusive rocks formabove the surface of the earth and extrusive rocks from slowly and then big crystals form.Now rocks from intrusive and extrusive (intrusive rocks,gabbro,and granite extrusive rhyblite, basalt, pumice, and obcidian.Sedimentary rocks are type of rocks that forms when small pieces of materal pressed together in layers like bones and shells.Now for sedimentary rocks like limestone and sandstone.Metamorphic rocks change forme by heat and pressure.

  17. Before i knew about rokcs I thought they were just round,boring,black,gray,and only from Sacermento but they are not!They are so cool!K now I know that they are different shapes,collors,and froms all around the world.Rock are solids.Rock are hard also.There different kinds of rocks,like,Intrusive,Etrusive,coarse-grained,Fine-graind,and glassy.And that is what i think about rocks.

  18. I used to think that rocks where boring and uncool.I thought they come from the sky but they don’t. Minerals makes up rocks. Intrusive Rocks- form below the surface of the earth of “in the earth.” Magma-molten [melted] rock inside a volcaneo.Sedimentary Rocks-are type of rocks that forms when Sedimentary are pressed together in laryers.Fossils-are the remains of plants and aninals from long ago.

  19. I use to think rocks was boring now it is fun and exciting.Sand stone is realy fun to learn every day.Extrusive rocks are big,soft,and small.Intrusive rocks are from blow the surface.Limestone usualy white forms on the bottom of the surface.Lava malted rocks outside of a volcano.

  20. I used to think all rocks were made of cement. What I now know is that rocks are made out of magma. Also found out that there are many different kinds of rocks. Some of them are, Igneous rocks, Sedimentary rocks, and Metamorphic rocks. Igneous rocks are made out of magma and some that cooled slowly are fine-grained, which means they flash or sparkle or have some crystals in them. This means that they are intrusive rocks. Intrusive means it has cooled deep underground. One of the intrusive rocks’ name is Granite. Another type of rock is Obsidian (ub-sid-y-an). Obsidian is an extrusive rock, which means that this rock looks like glass it also looks frothy like and called pumice. This rock cools extremely fast at the surface of lava. Another type of rock is Sedimentary. Sedimentary rocks have small pieces of materials(bones,rocks,minerals, or shells) that are carried and deposited by wind or water. Sedimentary rocks are also a type of rock that forms when sediments pressed together in layers. One type of sedimentary rock is lime stone. Metamorphic rocks squeeses rocks together by heat and pressure. Conglomerate rocks are formed from larger rocks,chunky,coarsed, not layered, naturallymade of cament and sand. One type of conglomerate rock is

  21. I used to think that rocks were made out of cement. I thought rocks were boring. I thought they just sat there….but I was wrong. Rocks could show us how long the earth has been here. There are not just one kind of rock there are three. Number one is Sedimentary rocks they are made out of types of rocks that form when sediments are pressed together in layers. Number two Metamorphic rock which is made out of heat and pressure. Number three Igneous rocks which is made out of volcanoes when they explode then it cools down and hardens into a rock. Also igneous rocks can turn into sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks. Metamorphic rocks can turn into sedimentary rocks and igneous rocks. And sedimentary rocks can turn into igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks. That is what I know about these three rocks. Some people do not understand that rocks are not just sitting there. They show us another world of science.

  22. Now that I know about rocks, I like them more than when I was little and I owe it all to Miss Ludu for teaching us about rocks because if she didn’t I would think rocks were all the same. Thank YOU MISS LUDU FOR TEACHING US ABOUT ALL THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF ROCKS!!!!!(:

  23. @Evan – I really am impressed with how much you learned during our rocks and minerals unit. Thnak you so much for being so excited about rocks!

  24. @Aaron-I really like how he put a lot of interesting things about rocks and I like how he thought it out carefully.

  25. @Graysen I liked what you did about your writing.It is very good and alot of details. They were very good!!!!!!!
    . I like what you did onj your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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